Third Helix LLC
Based in Salt Lake City, Utah

Founding date:
March 2013


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Legacy Of The Elder Star




Third Helix is an indie game developer and design consultancy owned and operated by ex-AAA devloper Josh Sutphin, who is best-known as the lead designer of award-winning PS3 shooter "Starhawk", and as the creator of the RTS/tower-defense hybrid "Fail-Deadly". His current project is "Legacy of the Elder Star", a fast-paced arcade shooter with a unique slashing mechanic.


About Josh

Josh started his professional game dev career in 2004 at Utah-based studio Sensory Sweep as a hybrid designer/programmer. In 2006 he joined the "Warhawk" team at Incognito Entertainment as a designer, and took that project and its three expansions through to completion. In 2009 Incognito split up and Josh joined the founding team of Austin, Texas-based LightBox Interactive as the lead designer of its debut title and "Warhawk" spiritual successor, "Starhawk". During this period he learned a ton about the higher-level process and business of game devlopment, and in 2013 he took that knowledge and experience and struck out on his own, founding design consultancy Third Helix and beginning work on his new indie project, "Legacy of the Elder Star".

About Third Helix

Third Helix is both indie game developer and design consultancy. When not engaged in the creation of original titles, Third Helix works with other independent parties to create new games on commission, provide design insight and advice, and create custom tools and workflows for developers. The company is also closely involved with growing the Utah indie game dev scene through initiatives like the Utah Games Guild (of which Josh is a co-founder and organizer) and Raptor Circus.



Legacy of the Elder Star YouTube

Fail-Deadly YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

    Utah Games Guild
    Josh is a co-founder of the Utah Games Guild, a group which organizes industry events for Utah-based indie game developers. "Legacy of the Elder Star" was debuted to the public at the Guild's inaugural event, Arcade 2014 at Salt Lake Comic Con, which featured thirteen games by twelve local indie teams. utahgamesguild.com.

    Raptor Circus
    Josh is an advisor for Raptor Circus, a volunteer organization which aims to provide mentorship to local indies who are ready to transition from the hobbyist scene to gainful, full-time independent development. raptorcircus.com.

    Team & Repeating Collaborators

    Josh Sutphin
    Owner, Developer, and Consultant

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